"We need His grace today as much as we needed it before we knew Him. A grace that transforms, renews, redeems. And when you receive this grace, peace will follow."
- Marc Phun (via marcphun)

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"When we remember God’s faithfulness and His ability to bring good out of any situation, we find our fears calmed and our confidence renewed. Whatever your worries today, don’t be afraid. Just stand where you are and watch the Lord strengthen you and take care of you."
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Lord You reign, You reign alone
Exalted over all the earth enthroned
The majesty and greatness of Your name
Let all creation sing Lord You reign

No one is higher than the King above all nations
No one is like You God
The name of Jesus is higher than any other
No one is like You God

// Elevation Worship
“You Reign Alone”

leaky-faucet asked:

Idk if you can tell by the likes, but I love your music taste!! Any album recommendations? :)

℮nduring grac℮ ➹ Answer:

All Sons & Daughters
Bethel Music
Desperation Band
Kari Jobe
Just some of my favorites ☺️💕

God is near to the broken-hearted
He is close to those who’ve parted
Once you let him in
You’ll want Him there to stay.